Executive Mentoring

Journeys of Discovery

In 2004, Lumenis Partners added Executive Mentoring as a complimentary service to Executive Search. Anna Maria Larsen, founder and principal, realized through countless conversations with senior level executives that many were reaching a point in their careers where their energy and passion were waning. Many had reached a personal or professional pinnacle, but were far too young either mentally or physically for the ‘burn-out’ from which they suffered. Others in a new career search were taking positions performing familiar tasks and yet not feeling fulfilled. Still others needed new ways to lead and manage within their domain of responsibilities. Realizing her own unique gift for listening and coaching, Anna Maria sought additional training from the highly acclaimed Center for Continuing and Professional Education at Georgetown University and received certification from the ICF (International Coaching Foundation.)

Today, through real conversations, Anna Maria Larsen has helped numerous senior executives, entrepreneurs and young leaders rediscover and fully appreciate their own innate gifts, talents and passions. She creates customized practices that help individuals recognize their own ability to be proactive with the challenges they face, and to make good decisions regardless of the circumstances. Her mentoring practice is so much more than ‘executive coaching.’ It is a transformative journey for the open-minded and discriminating client.

Through a series of challenging, heart-centered and personalized sessions, Anna Maria guides individuals to discover and then tap into their own authentic capabilities for their personal and professional growth, re-engagement, rejuvenation and success.

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