Executive Search

Finding the Right Fit

Retained executive search requires an in-depth understanding of a client organization’s culture, and knowledge of its business plan and strategic thinking through probing interviews of key supervisors, peers and subordinates before the first contact of a prospective candidate is made. Cursory reviews and delegation to junior staff simply will not cut it… the industry results of 50% failure rates within the first 18 months have been embarrassing (especially from large executive recruiting firms’ searches). Since 1990, Lumenis Partners has developed an approach to executive search with a placement retention rate exceeding 90%.

We intentionally limit the number of clients we choose to serve in any given year. Our clients want senior, experienced executives focusing efforts on their search, and conducting the entire project, not just selling the engagement. Taking only one search at a time has enabled us to satisfy our clients’ objectives and to maintain an extraordinary retention rate for more than twenty years.

We are seasoned professionals who conduct all aspects of the search with integrity, care and wisdom. Our unique, consultative approach helps corporate and non-profit entities clearly define and articulate their goals and culture, which in turn helps us identify and recruit stellar candidates. Lumenis Partners’ corporate experience ranges from rapidly growing smaller companies to mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

Lumenis Partners invests the time to really ‘know’ our client organizations. We become de-facto members of the company’s management team so that we can effectively represent them to potential candidates. We seek the ideal balance between our client’s goals and the candidate’s personal aspirations.

The goal of Lumenis Partners is to identify the authentic capabilities of each candidate through candid conversations and tough questions. We conduct a thorough examination with validation of skills, experience, capacity for growth, and cultural adaptability for each selected candidate. With Lumenis Partners, our clients can feel confident that the natural and acquired competencies and strengths of the whole person will fit with their organization’s needs.

We are a boutique practice not handicapped by the ‘off limits’ issues that often prevent large and specialized competitors from tapping the best potential candidates. Our reach is global. Lumenis Partners is expert in identifying and recruiting cross-industry talent when appropriate. We invite you to learn more about us.

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